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EXPO_Kushae Natural Feminine Deodorant Stick

I love vaginal funk... said no one ever!

  • Created by an OB/GYN
  • Stops sweaty or musty odors "down there" for good
  • Fragrance-free formula leaves no heavy perfume scent 
  • Ditch The Wipes! A few strokes a day keeps the odor away! (No need to "freshen up mid-day!")

The Kushae Feminine Deodorant Stick neutralizes bacteria on the skin and prevents them from causing vaginal odors in the first place. Made with no fragrances or heavy perfume, the result and relief you get have nothing to do with covering yourself in toxic scents but 'truly' getting to the root of the problem. 

Use at the start of your day to stay confidently odor-free all day through hot days, exercise, and more. Best for waxed or shaved “Kushaes” (vulvas).

Key Ingredients 

Arrowroot powder - softens skin, maximum sweat absorption
Baking soda - antibacterial, natural odor absorber
Aloe gel - moisturizes and soothes the skin

The First & Only

The first and only feminine health and hygiene brand created by an OB/GYN

All Natural

Clean and powerful ingredients that will nourish and refresh your clients' vulvas.

For Women By Women

We create products that give women the confidence to be comfortable in their skin.