3 Reasons Why Your Client Should NOT Turn to Skin Bleaching

3 Reasons Why Your Client Should NOT Turn to Skin Bleaching

Skin bleaching, also referred to as skin lightening, has long been a controversial topic within the beauty industry. It involves using various products, techniques, and treatments to lighten one’s skin tone. Many clients turn to skin bleaching for aesthetic reasons or to address hyperpigmentation.

But whatever you do for your clients, say NO to skin bleaching.

It Can Increase the Risk of Skin Cancer

Skin bleaching products typically contain harsh chemicals that are detrimental to the skin. One of the chemicals is called hydroquinone, a chemical that reduces melanin levels in the skin, making your clients more susceptible to UV radiation and skin cancer. Chemicals like hydroquinone can cause irritation, rashes, burns, and in severe cases, irreversible damage. Skin damage may manifest scarring, discoloration, and thinning.

It’s NOT a Permanent Solution

The results are temporary, requiring repeated usage or visits to meet and maintain the desired effects. This is costly, time-consuming, and worst of all damaging their mental health. You are essentially gambling the trust between you and your clients with skin bleaching.

It Can Affect Your Clients’ Mental Health

Skin bleaching affects your clients’ mental health and self-esteem. We live in a world where beauty standards often promote unrealistic beauty standards that negatively impact our mental health. Our self-esteem is a vital component to fight back issues such as anxiety, depression, and body dysmorphia. Skin bleaching will only perpetuate the notion that lightening skin is more desirable, reinforcing colorism and racism. Ultimately, you would be eroding your clients’ self-esteem and self-worth.

Whenever possible, discourage the practice of skin bleaching, especially with products that are harmful for your client’s body. These procedures pose numerous risks to the skin, body, and mind. Encourage your clients to embrace their natural skin and focus on healthier practices. Kushae has designed a gentle product that combats hyperpigmentation safely and naturally. The Premiere Lightening Cream is designed to lighten dark spots and even skin color without the use of dangerous chemicals. It’s safe and gentle but also powerful and effective.

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