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Give Your Clients The Luxurious Spa Worthy Treatment Their Vulvas Will Love!

Each product is curated with the perfect blend of plant-based ingredients, which complements a woman’s care regimen, spa treatment, and healthy body journey. Our products are great as Back Bar Offerings and perfect for Estheticians who provide Waxing, Vagacials and Laser treatment services!

The Kushae Feminine Soothing Cream

Ingrown Hairs Be Gone!

Exactly What I Needed!

I never thought of putting lotion for the lady parts. But when I heard about Kushae and all the rave reviews, and the guarantee of natural ingredients, I decided to give it a try, especially after two very painful pimples that resulted from ingrown hairs after a shave. The cream really is soothing, and my skin down there is so much healthier now. It is now part of my routine. What a god-send!

- Nezia

Women Love Kushae!

Amazing Product!
I ordered mine and WOW. I love it. After a fresh Brazilian and some exfoliation. I was in heaven with this product. As a person who goes to the gym 5 days a week and sweats this product helped me mission maintain my freshness. I ❤ it.


Organic Natural Oil That ACTUALLY Works!!
I normally get pretty strong cramps during my cycle and this is now my go-to for menstrual cramps reliever! It also relieved the pain in my boobs and knees while on my period. Overall, I would definitely recommend this oil to those who have any type of pain or want a great smelling massage!


Great As An Esthetician!
I’m an esthetician and pro waxer at 3bwaxing and I have been able to use the feminine soothing cream on clients after their Brazilian wax and they have been loving it. I used the deodorant spray and feminine wash and love how gentle it is. I would recommend this to people who have sensitive skin.