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Kushae Natural Feminine Deodorant Spray

I love musty odors down there... said no one ever!
  • Created by an OB/GYN
  • Stops sweaty or musty odors "down there" for good
  • Fragrance free formula leaves no heavy perfume scent 
  • Ditch The Wipes! A few sprays a day keeps the odor away! (No need to "freshen up mid-day!")
Help your clients get their confidence back and join the front of the bathroom line with the amazing Kushae feminine deodorant spray! This fragrance-free unique formula stops sweaty odors from ever happening whether they work out, sit for hours, live in hot climates, or just happen to be a bit of a sweaty betty (psst, so are 50% of all women)!

Key Ingredients & All The Good Stuff
Arrowroot powder - softens skin, maximum sweat absorption
Bakin soda - antibacterial, natural odor absorber
Aloe gel - mositurizes and soothes the skin

All the Good Stuff: Deionized water, xanthum gum, arrowroot powder, baking soda, aloe barbadensis leaf juice, Leucidal liquid (natural preservative derived from radish), glucono delta lactone (naturally derived preservative).

Made Without: Alcohol, mineral oil, parabens, aluminum or harmful perfumes.
No added fragrance - so no one knows they sprayed a thing! No puffy perfume cloud!
They can DITCH THE WIPES! Most wipes are not flushable; inconvenient; dry them out.

Shake well. Best used immediately after a shower or freshly cleansing area. Spray 4-6 times to cover external vaginal area. Spray should cover all vulvar areas where hair could grow. Allow for product to partially or completely dry to avoid wetting undergarments and for maximum absorption. Reapply as needed.

The First & Only

The first and only feminine health and hygiene brand created by an OB/GYN

All Natural

Clean and powerful ingredients that will nourish and refresh your clients' vulvas.

For Women By Women

We create products that give women the confidence to be comfortable in their skin.