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Elevate Your Women's Health Offerings With Kushae - Non-Toxic & pH-Balanced Products That Restore A Woman’s Intimate Areas.

Kushae makes a perfect and beautiful addition to your existing offerings and helps further your mission to provide women with non-toxic and effective feminine care products -Created by Women's Health Experts.

The Kushae Protective Skin Balm

A Lip Gloss For Their Other Lips

I Wish I Found This Sooner!

This skin balm has been a miracle worker for me! I used to have to wear deodorant underneath my breasts to avoid sweating since I'm top heavy, but when I used this balm for the first sweat, no odor, no irritation! It has also helped soothe the chafing between my thighs! I'm definitely going to continue ordering this!

- Annette

Women Love Kushae!

Great Feminine Wash!
I've tried different fem washes and this wash by far is the best!! Their deodorant spray is bar none!! They have a returning customer with me!!


Thanks for creating a product that my vagina doesn't disagree with. The foaming wash is refreshing. The soothing cream is just that! Love it! The travel kit is the perfect size for my carry-on bag. Kushae!


Best Product Ever!
I have no idea how I did without this product before. It is awesome. It keeps you comfortable all day, and its a must have in the summer.