How to Become a Great Esthetician

How to Become a Great Esthetician

Being an esthetician is more than giving vajacials and bikini waxes. That’s just the bare minimum! Being a great esthetician is about researching, marketing, and catering to your client’s individual needs. Here are Kushae’s three tips for going from being a good esthetician to a great esthetician.

Know your clients

You’re never going to be even a good esthetician if you don’t know your clients. The biggest rule of thumb is to ask questions. A good esthetician asks questions, a bad one doesn’t ask anything. What are your goals? What’s your lifestyle? What products and procedures have you already tried? You want to know as much as you can to find the best possible solutions to their unique situations. Questions like these create connections between you and your patient, establishing an efficient but also personal.

This attention should cater to every single appointment you have with every single person. You want to ensure that you care about your client’s goals and well-being, generating trust and retention.

Have a Consultation Form

As we have said above, it’s important to ask questions and get to know your client. One way to know your clients’ basic information is through consultation forms. This could include not only the basics such as name, address, and age, but it can also include the questions stated above. It doesn’t have to be on pen and paper, you can choose to create an online form. Having documented answers will help you better understand who you’re working with, what their goals are, and what pathways are definite no’s.

Another reason but an important one is that a consultation form can serve as legal protection for you. By having your client sign this form, you can prove that the client has consented to the treatments and that you provided the necessary information to them.

Keep Educating Yourself

This cannot be said enough times! A lot of people default to trendy products from Tik Tok videos and random hacks that are advertised to take only five minutes, but you are the professional here! Educate yourself to find out if these trendy or new products and hacks are safe for your clients. Be the guide and steer them toward the correct long-term solution. The skincare industry is ever-evolving. Some products may work better than others. Learn why some products are generating a following. What are the key features of the newest procedures? Are there new buzzwords to look out for when consulting your client? The more you know, the more prepared you are as an Esthetician.

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