Meet The Kushae Deodorant Stick and Spray

Meet The Kushae Deodorant Stick and Spray

Our fragrance-free feminine deodorants neutralize the bacteria that cause sweaty odors 'down there' for freshness, confidence, and comfort that lasts all day.

What is the difference between the Deodorant Stick and Spray

They both help eliminate sweaty feminine odors, and their ingredients are very similar; however, the deodorant spray is best suited for women who prefer to have hair down there, while the stick is best for women who wax and shave.

Why the Kushae Deodorant Stick and Spray will make a great addition to your retail or back bar offerings for you and your clients/customers:

  • They eliminate sweaty feminine odors
  • They eliminate the need to carry around feminine wipes
  • Zero shame-inducing added fragrance
  • They are great for sweaty Betties, pregnant women, menopausal women, business professionals, active women and athletes, women living in hot climates, and more!
  • They only contain natural, non-toxic ingredients
  • Created by a woman OB/GYN for sensitive and delicate skin

Help your clients stay and smell fresh down there all day by ordering the Kushae Spray Deodorant or the Stick Deodorant (or both) today!

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